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New Addition

Après is was one of our signature builds of 2019. Boasting a unique design, Après was designed and built with functionality and practicality at the forefront of the new owners minds. With 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 living areas, Après was designed with family living in mind. The upper deck features a large open plan living area, full sized kitchen and minibar, making perfect for hosting guests and enjoying time with friends and family. 

The build attracted significant attention at the innaugrual 2019 Eildon Boating and Fishing Show. The build was a centrepiece of the event, attracting the interest from over 10,000 boat show attendees. Status also managed to record a number of firsts during the show, First superboat to cross the Eildon Dam Wall, First superboat to be displayed on Stands at the Eildon Boat show and the first superboat to be launched at the Alliance Boat Ramp. 

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